IRS Representation

We may be able to help you solve a tax problem you have with the IRS or other tax agency.
Our Team is made up of experienced CPAs who have over 75 years of combined experience dealing with the IRS and solving tax and financial problems. Our approach to solving your tax problems will be to gather all pertinent facts, apply our knowledge of IRS audit and/or collection rules and tax law and develop an individually tailored strategy for you

We do this because the facts in your particular case are unique and must be studied in order to get the best end result. There are no canned solutions. We will then discuss our proposed strategy with you and, once you approve, implement the strategy.

Never Deal with the IRS Again. Once you engage us to represent you., you will no longer have to talk to or meet with representatives of the IRS. We do. We deal with the IRS on a regular basis and, as a result, we know the rules and are efficient and qualified to provide these services.

To contrast our approach with an example, let’s say you elect to hire an attorney who specializes in bankruptcy to assist you in this matter. Can you guess what he or she is going to suggest to you as a solution to your problem? The answer is bankruptcy. While this is a solution in certain cases, it is not in all cases. You may be better off with an offer in compromise, an installment agreement or another solution.

The collection area is complex and includes many stumbling blocks. Additionally, this area is relatively unknown by most attorneys and CPAs. As an example, a bankruptcy or an offer in compromise that is filed at the wrong time will not only fail to solve the tax problem but will extend the period of time that the IRS can pursue you and your Company for collection of the tax. That is why you should seek the advice of persons who have experience in this area.

If you are an officer of the Company, you may be facing the trust fund recovery penalty (formerly the 100 percent penalty). What this means is that the IRS may attempt to assess you, personally, for the Company’s unpaid taxes. Proper planning is required to avoid this situation or to turn it to your advantage.

Our team of tax professionals have many years of experience which can be called upon, as needed, in developing and implementing your strategy.